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Shalom from Rabbi Kula

October 25, 2019 - 26 Tishrei, 5780    

Shalom Beth Shalom and Friends!

Beresheet, In the beginning, is the opening word of the Five Books of Moses and is the assigned portion for this week as we begin anew the annual Torah reading cycle. (Torah study at Beth Shalom 9:30am every Shabbat!).
The Biblical narrative describes the creation of the heavens, lands and seas, the glorious creations and creatures concluding with the masterful sculpting of man and woman. From this perspective, our origins unite us in the family of creation heeding the call to care for one another.
We are intricately connected and are essentially one global community rejoicing in success and supporting in anguish. One year ago, eleven fellow Jews were murdered in the sanctuary of Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue during Shabbat services. The Jewish community suffered the most brutal anti-Semitic attack in the history of the United States. 
This Sunday, October 27, in solidarity, we honor their memory.
Please join Pause with Pittsburgh on October 27 at 5:00pm EST and share a collective moment of remembrance. Register and you will opt in to receive a series of text messages which include:
A video with a mourning prayer and the names of the 11 lives lost, a link to a livestream video where you can join the Pittsburgh community in a public memorial service and an opportunity to submit a message of support.
Together, we pause and pledge to maintain our abiding sense of unity and responsibility for one another.
In some ways, after tragedy strikes, we begin again rebuilding our faith and restoring our hope. As we share the suffering of our neighbors and offer support, we begin a new chapter of life creating a better world.
Deborah Meyer and Lori Lefkowitz of Moving Traditions wrote the following prayer after the 9.11 attacks and it is meaningful at this time as well.
Brukhah at yah, m'kor ha-hayyim, ha-tomekhet banu b'haviyenu or l'hoshekh marpei l'shever, v'shalom l'kohl yoshvei tevel
Blessed are you, Source of Life, who helps us to bring Light where there is darkness, healing where there is brokenness, and peace to all of the earth's inhabitants.
God said, let there be light and there was light. May we see the light and bring light into the world forever aware that we are created in the divine image.
On the Seventh Day God rested and so every week we observe Shabbat.
Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Mark Kula

Amber's Voice

We are a strong and vibrant community because of each person who's part of it. Now that the High Holiday season is officially over, we want to thank everyone who helped make it so joyful, meaningful, organized, and delicious:

Randi Levin, Brenda Spangler, Richard Wolff & Janel Cariño, Sara & Sam Schwerin, Dan Lourie, Lori Rosolowsky, Cassie Colombo & Seth Cooper, Susie Becker, Emily Narrow & Andrew Testerman, Ashley & Mike Mansfield, Bess Harris, Debra Kreindler, Suzanne Winchester, Rhoda Sue & Henri Bertuch, Ellen Ornitz, Fred & Jane Leopold, Jake & Kama Werner, Dennis Aig, Jim & Linda Nallick, Kris Godlewski, Hy Adelman, Bruce Jacobs, Barbara do Amaral, Rabbi Ed Stafman, Benji Nallick, Kyle Sorenson, Franke Wilmer, Stephen Guggenheim, Lisa Mueller, Mike Zell, Nomi Friedman, Maya Keefer, and Irene Grimberg.

We also would like to extend a special thank-you to Lisa Roots, our Administrator, for going above and beyond in assisting with High Holiday preparation.

Though this batch of holidays has passed, we still have lots going on at Beth Shalom, and lots of ways to be involved. Let us know if you're interested in being part of a committee, helping to organize or volunteer for our booth at the Christmas Stroll, or sponsoring an upcoming oneg (light reception after services). Let's keep the momentum going as we gather on Friday, November 1st at 6pm to celebrate Shabbat!

L'hit'ra'ot - see you soon,


Amber Ikeman, Cantorial Soloist/Program Director

Check out this video from our Simchat Torah celebration, featuring musicians Megan and Quarney Ali, and dancers Charlotte and Asher Kula! Thanks to Coreen Duffy for filming!


► We are excited to institute the new URJ High Holiday prayer book called Mishkan HaNefesh - Sanctuary of the Soul. Congregations around the country are embracing this new edition of our ancient prayers blended with contemporary insights. You are invited to be part of this project as we are offering the opportunity for you to dedicate a prayer book in honor of a milestone, birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or wedding, or in memory of a loved one. Your prayer book dedication will offset the cost of providing these books for Beth Shalom. A bookplate with your name will be placed inside the two-volume set for a tax-deductible contribution of $50. You can download the order form here.

► Here's an easy way to support Beth Shalom: shop on Amazon! When you want to order something, first visit smile.amazon.com, then select "Congregation Beth Shalom, Bozeman" as the organization you want to support. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to us. Thanks!

► Do you or someone you care about have a birthday, anniversary, or milestone approaching? We have opportunities for you to sponsor an upcoming Shabbat oneg (light reception) in someone's honor on November 1st, December 13th, and January 10th (plus more in the new year). Oneg sponsors bring a challah, bottle of wine, and some snacks of their choice to share with the congregation after services. Email Amber if you're interested!

Come nosh and schmooze at “Beth Shalom’s Hanukkah Treats“ booth at the Christmas Stroll! This is our first year participating in the stroll, and we will be selling latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts) at our booth in front of Girls Outdoors, 1 E. Main Street, on Saturday, Dec 7 from 4:30-7:30pm (or until we sell out!). It’s a great way for us to participate in this Bozeman tradition, and share some of our favorite holiday foods with the community. All proceeds benefit Congregation Beth Shalom.

Sign up here to volunteer as a server, cashier, grill master, or to help with set-up.

Congregation Beth Shalom Welcomes New Rabbi, Mark Kula

Letter from Rabbi Kula

Shalom Friends!

Mazel Tov on uniting as Rabbi and community.

I am honored and delighted to join the Congregation Beth Shalom family and Bozeman community. These are exciting and challenging times. Let us take care of ourselves and others, nurture our relationships, and tap into profound Jewish wisdom. We will then surely thrive and be blessed.

L’heetraot- I look forward to seeing you soon!

Rabbi Mark H. Kula

Learn more about Rabbi Kula here.

Upcoming Events

Please see calendar for full list.


November 15, 2019
  • Shalom Kids

    November 15, 2019  5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    See more details

  • Shabbat Service Co-Led by Shalom Kids & Potluck

    November 15, 2019  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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November 16, 2019
  • Torah Study

    November 16, 2019  9:30 am - 11:00 am
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details

November 17, 2019
  • Meet & Greet with Rabbi Kula

    November 17, 2019  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Home of Mike & Ashley Mansfield (email us for address)
    See more details

November 18, 2019
  • Brews for Jews

    November 18, 2019  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    Bridger Brewing, 1609 S 11th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, USA
    See more details

November 20, 2019
November 23, 2019
  • Torah Study

    November 23, 2019  9:30 am - 11:00 am
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details


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