Welcome to Congregation Beth Shalom! While we are all dealing the pandemic, we are committed to remaining connected as a community. Reach out to us and we will continue to stay in touch with you. For the time being, we will connect online, and we know that in the near future we will celebrate as a Jewish community in person.

We are grateful to all who joined us for our online High Holiday services. Check out Yellowstone Public Radio's article about our services, featuring comments from our Board Member Randi Levin and Rabbi Kula.

Operating Protocols as of May 13, 2020, revisited October 1, 2020

  • The temple plans to continue virtual services and events for the foreseeable future under Phase 1 and 2 of the Governor’s reopening plans. This policy will be re-evaluated as the situation evolves.
  • Staff is permitted to work in the temple building, or continue to work remotely, as they deem appropriate.
  • Usage of the building by affiliates is to be limited. If an affiliate needs to use the building to meet with staff or to conduct other temple business, they must obtain prior authorization from Rabbi Mark Kula or Lisa Roots. No more than 10 people may be present in the temple at any given time, and 6 feet of social distance must be maintained between each person. We also require the use of facial masks if any individuals plan to interact in-person with other individuals while in the temple building.
  • Lisa Roots is maintaining a Google Doc to track the plans and actions of any building users. If anyone plans to go to the temple, they should obtain the requisite authorization and contact Lisa Roots at 406-556-0528 or administrator@bethshalombozeman.org to let Lisa know when they will be there, and what areas of the temple they plan to utilize. Cleaning supplies are available in the foyer of the temple. Immediately prior to exiting the temple, the building user (or the last building user if a group of 10 or less is present) should disinfect any surfaces that they touched during their visit, and use a wipe or paper towel sprayed with disinfectant to open the door to exit the building. Upon exiting, the building user should confirm to Lisa that this cleaning was done.

Thank you.

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Shalom from Rabbi Kula

March 22, 2021 – 9 Nissan, 5781 Hag Pesach Sameach!

Shalom, Beth Shalom and Friends:

Happy Passover! Hag Sameach!

Once again we welcome Passover in isolation from friends and families, not yet safe to gather in person. We must share Pesach, the annual celebration of freedom for all humanity, and the festival reaffirming our covenantal bonds, on Zoom. But, we will make it the best it can be, with many of us participating, being at the Rabbi’s (my) table. We tell the story of our people’s historic liberation from ancient bondage and limitations in Egypt as we draw upon deep strength always moving towards the ‘Promised’ Land.

Please join in our Beth Shalom Community Zoom Seder Sunday, March 28 at 5 pm. We have our Beth Shalom designed Haggadah for us to interact, sing, learn, engage and benefit for the Passover ceremonies and celebrations.

Passover infuses us with messages of Freedom defined as the capacity to be loyal to our true inner being, the call for better lives and attuning to the inner Divine Image.

This year I have dedicated time to study one page of Talmud each day, a program called Daf Yomi (a page a day). The most recent Talmud page I studied discussed the Afikomen, the last food eaten at the Seder, The rabbinic dialogue recognized Afikomen as a Greek work meaning delicacy or desert, and the final taste to end our Seder meals. Rabbinic debate focused on the most distinct and unique food of the holiday, Matza. All resolved to institute the final palate be Matza, encouraging us to remember the challenges of the past, the opportunities ahead and the inspiration for each of us to work towards better times and to help those in need. Thus, the Afikomen, a small piece of Matza, ends the meal. And, I love this teaching!

Conclude our delicious meals and our Seder with the taste of matzah to remind us that we once were slaves and there is still work to do. The broken Matzah crumbs remind us to be fixers, do tikkum olam, and to repair our broken world. Together we can make good things happen!

Please enjoy Passover celebrations this year and know that we are working toward a better future.

Rabbi Mark H. Kula

P.S. Please reach out with any questions regarding Passover customs. Happy Passover.

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