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Amber's Message:

I recently went to a gathering for cantors, cantorial soloists, and Jewish songleaders, called Hava Nashira (“let us sing”). It takes place in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - I know, not a place you might think of as a hub for Jewish life. Regardless, it is a life-changing event; both times I’ve attended, I’ve had very powerful experiences. It’s 200 people singing together, most of whom I didn’t know, but our voices blended in beautiful harmony all day, every day, for 5 days. There’s no way to fully describe what that feels like, but if I had to try, I would simply call it divine, in every sense of the word. It’s like being embraced by sound. To me, that is what G-d feels like. There is a lot of research about music and sound healing, the way the frequencies affect our bodies and minds. When we sing together, even if we don’t know each other, even if we don’t like each other, we are connected.

As wonderful of a time as I had, I was so happy to come home to share the plethora of new music I learned, and to sing with our community. We will, of course, have many opportunities to do so, starting with celebrating Nomi Friedman becoming a bat mitzvah. I’ve had the honor of working with her and 5 other b’nei mitzvah students for the last year, and I’m so excited for the moment when it all comes together. I think you will share the pride I feel when you witness them emerging as Jewish young adults.

We also hope to hear your voices officially welcoming Rabbi Kula on Friday, June 28th, for his first Shabbat service as our new rabbi. Services begin at 6pm and we will have a potluck dinner (no meat, no shellfish) afterwards to celebrate and spend some time with Rabbi Kula. See our calendar for other fun stuff coming up like our Book Club and Film Festival!

Warm tones,


Amber Ikeman, Director of Music and Community Engagement
(406) 556-0528 x202

Sara's Shpiel:

I hope you are enjoying the start of summer. After having wrapped up the rabbi search, the board now turns to planning for the coming year. At the annual meeting earlier this month, the congregation elected Fred Leopold and Randi Levin to replace Steven Eagle and Janet Tatz, whose terms on the board ended. Thank you Steven and Janet for your service on the board - your input and engagement has been invaluable. The board will meet next on July 15 for a 3-hour session, where we will discuss priorities for the coming year. If you have any input for us to consider, please contact any one of the following: Dennis Aig, Janel Carino, Seth Cooper, Fred Leopold, Ed Lewis, Randi Levin, Ashley Mansfield, Sara Schwerin, Jake Werner, and Richard Wolff. Thank you!

Sara Schwerin
Board President
Congregation Beth Shalom

Congregation Beth Shalom Welcomes New Rabbi, Mark Kula

Letter from Rabbi Kula

Shalom Friends!

Mazel Tov on uniting as Rabbi and community.

I am honored and delighted to join the Congregation Beth Shalom family and Bozeman community. These are exciting and challenging times.  Let us take care of ourselves and others, nurture our relationships, and tap into profound Jewish wisdom. We will then surely thrive and be blessed.

With Passover concluded, I pray we know the miracle of freedom, overcoming what limits us from the fullness of life.

L’heetraot- I look forward to seeing you soon!

Rabbi Mark H. Kula

Learn more about Rabbi Kula here.

Upcoming Events

Please see calendar for full list.


June 26, 2019
  • Jewish Film Festival: "The Last Supper"

    June 26, 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    MSU Procrastinator Theatre
    See more details

June 27, 2019
  • Fork & Spoon Mitzvah Crew

    June 27, 2019  4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    Fork & Spoon Homestyle Kitchen, 3308, 302 N 7th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, USA
    See more details

June 28, 2019
  • Shabbat Service

    June 28, 2019  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details

June 29, 2019
  • Torah Study

    June 29, 2019  9:30 am - 11:00 am
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details

July 3, 2019
  • Jewish Film Festival: "Red Cow"

    July 3, 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    MSU Procrastinator Theatre
    See more details

July 6, 2019
  • Torah Study

    July 6, 2019  9:30 am - 11:00 am
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details

July 13, 2019
  • Maya Keefer Bat Mitzvah

    July 13, 2019  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
    2010 W Koch St, Bozeman, MT 59718, USA
    See more details


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