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Congregation Beth Shalom

Jewish Community in Bozeman, Montana


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The Jewish Year at Beth Shalom

At Congregation Beth Shalom, we observe all of the Jewish holidays, as well as Shabbat. On the average, we hold Friday night kabbalat shabbat services two Fridays a month, and Saturday morning service one Saturday (usually the first Shabbat) of the month. One Friday night service per month is followed by a catered shabbat dinner. Our worship is joyful and meaningful, seeking to create connections with one another and with divinity. The style is partly Reform, partly Renewal, partly Chasidic, partly Conservative (especially on Saturday mornings), and fully ours. The prayers in our services are a mixture of Hebrew and English and transliteration is always provided for Hebrew prayers. We are blessed to have several talented musicians in our community whose presence and participation enhances our worship experience.

Live Cycle Events

We offer a full range of life cycle observances. They include brit milah (bris) (with member physicians serving as mohel) and baby namings, consecration (marking the beginning of Jewish education) for children beginning kindergarten, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, special commemorations such as special anniversaries or birthdays, adult bar/bat mitzvah, and end of life rituals, including vidui, tahara, funerals, and memorial services. Rabbi Ed also offers those wishing to convert to Judaism opportunities to study towards becoming Jewish, and to those wishing to take on the status of ger toshav (non-Jews who are fully part of the community) a ceremony to acknowledge this status. Please contact Rabbi Ed to discuss your needs in this area.

Holidays and Observances

High Holiday services begin before Rosh Hashanah with an Elul workshop to help us get ready for the holidays, and slichot service the Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah. We then celebrate two days of Rosh Hashanah services, Tashlich at a local lake, Shabbat Shuva service, a pre-Yom Kippur mikvah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur services, including Yizkor and Neilah. For High Holidays, we bring in a guest cantor to help lead the music and deepen our experience.

Other major observances include Sukkot, where we erect a sukkah and celebrate within it, Simchat Torah (where we consecrate our kindergarteners as they begin their Jewish education), Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat (where we conduct a mystical Tu B’shevat seder and plant a tree for each child born in the community that year), Purim (where we do a shpiel, creative megillah reading, and games and party for adults and children), Passover (where we hold a huge second night community seder), Lag b’Omer, Holocaust Memorial Day, Israeli Independence Day, Shavuot (where we hold tikun leyl shavuot), and Tisha b’Av.