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Rabbi's Weekly Message

High Holidays Continue with Kol Nidre & Yom Kippur This Weekend

Parshat: Yom Kippur

Dear friends,

Our High Holidays are fully underway, as is our process of teshuva — return through personal reflection with an eye towards improving our lives and the world.

Our liturgy says that on Rosh Hashanah, our destiny for the year is written in the metaphorical Book of Life, and on Yom Kippur, it is sealed, but our teshuva, tezedukah (charity and compassion), and t’filah (prayer) have the power to change the decree. This next week offers the powerful opportunity to affect that decree for the next year, to become who you want to be, and our Jewish tradition offers the spiritual technology to make that happen. The highlight will be Kol Nidre this Friday at 7:00 pm, and Yom Kippur, with services and teaching most of the day, beginning at 10:00 am. If you were there for Rosh Hashanah, you know that our amazing cantorial soloist, Amber Ikeman, has put together some gorgeous High Holiday music. Her voice, guitar, and presence will leave you spellbound.

After Yom Kippur, the holidays continue through Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Immediately after Yom Kippur, on Sunday, October 1, at 9:00 am, we will construct our Temple sukkah, so please consider coming out to help.

Gmar chatimah tovah (May you be sealed well in the Book of Life),
Rabbi Ed