Give a Gift

Beth Shalom is here for you, and because of you. Thank you for making a gift today to support our programs.

You can make a gift in any of the following ways:

  • Donate to Beth Shalom to support our programs, help us become a stronger Jewish presence in Bozeman, in honor of a simcha (a wedding, bar mitzvah, anniversary, birthday, etc.) or in memory of a loved one or friend. You can donate online via the "donate" button below.
  • Sponsor a Shabbat or holiday oneg (light reception) in honor of a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other milestone. Sponsors for Shabbat onegs provide challah, wine, and snacks of their choice. You can also make a donation and we'll pick up the food. Contact Amber for more info.
  • Purchase a Leaf on the Simcha Tree to honor a person, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or other milestone. The Simcha Tree is located in the temple lobby. Donations range from $75 to $1,000.
  • Purchase a plaque on the Temple’s Wall of Remembrance to honor the memory of family members. When the yahrzeit arrives each year, the name will be illuminated, and you will be reminded of the yahrzeit date so that you may say mourner’s kaddish and remember your loved one. The cost is $180.
  • Make a gift to the rabbi’s discretionary fund in honor of a simcha or a service performed by the rabbi. This fund is used by the rabbi to assist those in need and to support Temple programs.

Note: if you have a physical item that you are considering donating to the Temple, please first check with the Building Committee to ensure it is something we could use. Thank you!

Volunteer Your Time or Expertise

If you have any interest in helping with building improvements, membership, education, social action / tikkun olam, or interfaith work, please contact us. Thank you for your time and resources; each of us makes a difference.

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