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Tikun Leyl Shavuot: An Evening of Blintzes, Cheesecake & Jewish Learning

Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The kabbalists instituted the Shavuot tradition of tikun leyl shavuot, the practice of staying up all night and learning.  For many of us, pulling an all-nighter is something we haven’t done in a while, so we’ll begin at 6:00 pm and end before midnight, mixing all sorts of Jewish learning with good food and good company. The event will include a dairy pot luck (dairy is traditional for Shavuot), especially blintzes, cheesecake, etc.

Teachings by:
Prof. Richard Wolff: The Torah’s Top Ten
Lisa Mueller: A Different Brand — Jews of the Frontier
Jim Nallick: Jewish Short Stories
Dr. Stephen Guggenheim: Great American-Jewish Singers of the 50’s (but probably not the ones you are thinking of)
Dr. Janel Carino: The Heart of Our Worship
Barbara do Amaral: Portuguese Jews & the Quest for Self Identity
Prof. Steve Eagle: These and These versus These and Those
Prof. Irene Grimberg: The Jewish Roots of Tango
Rabbi Ed: The Kabbalah of Baseball