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FAQs about the “Beth Shalom Montana Community Forum”


“The Community Forum is comprised of members and friends of Bozeman’s Congregation Beth Shalom. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion pertaining to the Congregation, Jewish events and activities in Bozeman and Montana, and other topics of mutual interest.” That means you should feel free to post items not only about Beth Shalom and Jewish events and activities, but also when you have information and questions that you would like to address to our circle of friends. For instance: How might I tell my child’s teacher about problems with giving tests on important religious holidays? Could anyone recommend a reliable dog walker in the Historic District? Could anyone use a wheel chair we no longer need?


Are comments moderated?
No. Your posts go directly to everyone.


How do I post messages?
Simply send an email from the email account at which you received this message. You might want to put in your email address book the name “Beth Shalom Community Forum,” and the email address “” After your first posting, the information probably will appear as you start typing it in, as is the case with other contacts.


How do I post replies to messages?
Just type your message and hit “reply,” as you would to any other email.


Should I post a “Are my emails getting through OK?” message.
NO, NO, NO. 
The service does work, and if every one of over 130-plus members of the Community Forum sent such a note, then every member will receive over 130 such messages! ‘Nuff said.


Can I see a list of topics of messages?
You can do that on the web, IF you have a gmail account. The website is!forum/beth-shalom-montana-community-forum. Otherwise, you should look through your saved email messages.


How can I unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to


Can I change the frequency with which I get messages, etc.?
Yes, if you have a gmail account. Visit Otherwise, send an email to Kat Barsness at the temple office:


To whom should I address requests or questions about the Forum?
If you want to change the email address at which you receive messages, etc., send a note to Kat Barsness at the temple office: If you have a question about Forum policy, contact Steve Eagle at: