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Congregation Beth Shalom

Jewish Community in Bozeman, Montana

Beth Shalom Mission Statement:

Congregation Beth Shalom is a place where members of all ages come together to be a learning and spiritual community who joyfully pray together and celebrate Jewish history and tradition. We cultivate in our congregants a lifelong connection to Judaism through the lens of the Reform and Renewal movements.

Beth Shalom, Who We Are:

Beth Shalom is committed to interpreting Judaism through the perspective of Progressive Judaism. We live and interpret Jewish traditions while understanding that we live in modern times where we may find new answers to old questions.

Beth Shalom is a community open to all Jews and their families, and those seeking a Jewish spiritual path. We welcome equal participation from all Jews, interfaith couples, LGBTQ people, and all who are not Jewish and wish to embrace Judaism.

The Beth Shalom community is involved in גמילות חסדים (acts of loving kindness), תיקון עולם‬ (repairing the world), and engaging in social justice work locally and globally. We are deeply committed to interfaith dialogue, understanding that all religions offer access to God and spiritual growth through their respective traditions. Recognizing the historical roots of the Israelite people in the holy land, we support the modern state of Israel. We are steadfast in our desire for a peaceful solution to the problems facing all in Israel, the Middle East, and the world.

Beth Shalom offers activities including: children and adult education, summer camps, family outings, community service, Israel experiences and various interest groups.